Get Ready With #fusionofcultures

We had finally made it out of the rain and into the doctor’s office.  I checked in, sat down and waited for their names to be called. Then I closed my eyes for the first time in 24 hours.

The nurse emerged from the back to call both of my sons to have their Sports Physicals done. The fact that my guys were now old enough to go without me was beautiful.  The fact that it was quiet and I could catch a nap was even more beautiful!

Shortly after I closed my eyes, the lobby became flooded with car seats, crawling babies and wobbling toddlers. Wonder Pets were now singing their “Teamwork” song on Nick Jr. and the parents who sat down a few chairs away from me were now chasing their toddler and snapping pictures of him as he tested his newly acquired walking skills.

Before I could close my eyes again, I heard a little spectator, who had been watching the Wobbly Toddler Chase, ask his mom, “Mom, why can’t she walk like that?” comparing his crawling baby sister to the little boy who led the chase. “She will when she’s ready.”

FusionofCultures shares some great tips on how to get ready for an Autumn day. She creates a royal half-up, half-down style and seals her look with polished, dark lips.  I hope you enjoy the music and her creativity. Happy twisting!

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