Somebody Straight Lied

Somebody straight lied when they told me that raising kids gets easier as they get older.

My days of buying diapers and baby milk have long been replaced by  SAT registration fees, cell phone bills, prom dues……. and I have yet to see the “easier.”

My teenagers know that I love them dearly so it is out of love that I can continue…….

Smelly dirty diapers are much easier to handle than day-old-sweaty-socks that have been plunged into the bathroom corner.

Easier fixing bottles of milk or buying gallons of milk?….honey please!  It’s so much easier to deal with baby cries than teenagers talking back.

Waking up in the middle of the night for a feeding is easier on the heart than staying up all night (past their curfew) waiting for a knock on the door…..they lied!

But life goes on………..

Wearing straightened natural hair is not easy.  Working out, rainy days and long showers can magically make straight disappear. Mo Knows Hair shows us how to carry on with our normal lives when we straighten our hair.  Her technique is magical!  I hope the video helps you as much as it helped me. Happy Straightening!



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