Celebrate and Appreciate

It’s been almost a year since my last post and I couldn’t have chosen a better time to return. It’s Black History Month! And we have so much to celebrate and appreciate.

I stayed up way past my bed time last night watching natural hair videos.  A lot has changed in our natural hair world but the tempo has remained constant!  We’re still growing, creating and sharing. I’m so excited and proud to be an African American Natural Hair Woman! I will continue to share videos with you that will hopefully inspire you to continue your natural hair journey and also help save you time.

No, I don’t make YouTube videos.  That’s not my lane. I watch them, learn from them, get inspired by them and then…. I share them, giving the creators all of the props and credit that they are rightfully due.  So here we grow again….Three Sisters And A Bobby Pin!

Naptural85 has released her own product line after grinding, hustling and keeping her dream under wraps for 6 years. I just love, love, love her tenacity and creative drive. Ladies, she’s been at this since 2009! She’s an oldie and I think she’s here to stay.

Here’s a few review videos of her new products.

Kendra Kenshay published on February 12

Bella Mecia published on Feb 9

GEM Naturals published on January 29

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