Hope and Hair Growth

A 59-year- old woman raced passed me half a mile to the finish line. She’s my role model. Ms. Pam’s running stride did a pick-me-up for my running goals and gave me hope that I can do this running thing for a long time to come.

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Trials N’ Tresses shares 5 essentials oils to help us boost healthy hair growth.  The beauty of the E.O.’s are their benefits and versatility.


oils to help grow natural hair:

Hair Freedom from Egypt to D.C.

IMG_20160403_181240.jpgI’m a little embarrassed yet excited to say…..there is so much history to exoerience in D.C.! Embarrassed because it was my first time visiting D.C. in my 40 plus years and excited because my heart pounds at the thought of sharing my travel discoveries with the students and patients whom I teach and serve.

It’s one thing to learn history through books and images but to actually stand at the burial site of former slaves and to stand near the same tree where students read the newly signed Emancipation Proclamation hundreds of years ago…….it’s amazing!

I was just as excited when I discovered the masterful”Hair” story created by  Chime (Hair Crush).  In her video, she chronicles the history of black hair from the elaborate hairstyles of ancient Egypt to today’s similar natural styles. I hope you take away much joy and knowledge from her video!

Bun Happiness #naturallygg

I usually wake up with a to-do list on my mind.  However, this morning when I woke up, I bypassed the thoughts of facing morning traffic, picking the kids up from school and the things that I did not accomplish on yesterday.

Instead, I praised Yahweh for being the awesome God that He is…the creator of the mountains, the oceans, the dirt, the stars!  I am connected to such a grand Magnificent network, so how hard would it be to set small daily goals to help me combat my fear of failure?

I’ve been goal driven for most of my life but because I have fallen short many times in the past few years, I made a habit of starting projects without planning or setting goals.  I am now learning how to give my fears, dreams, my plans, and goals over to God and trust that He will give me the desires of my heart….believe, plan, work.

I set a goal this morning to get 600 steps on my Fitbit before leaving for work…achieved!

At work, I set another goal after listening to students share their college and career goals. They shared how they want to become computer engineers, nurses, architects, and members of the marines.

They inspired me to look for beauty in something, no matter how old, new, small or grand it may be. So for 21 days, I am going to search for something or someone beautiful and share it with you.

Naturally GG shows us how to gently refresh old, twisted out hair into a beautiful style  She uses her hair tools to create three polished buns with smooth edges. I hope her video helps……Happy bunning!

He Is In For The Journey, Too

Another story of Love and natural hair unfolds.  Antonio says that he has become part of his wife’s journey to natural hair.  He has been with her through years of wearing weave, through her big chop and now for her healthy, natural state.  Returning to relaxed hair would be upsetting for him….Love manifested!

The background music is fun and Antonio’s honesty about his wife’s former weave days is applaudable.  He gets kudos for knowing the names of her hairstyles. Enjoy!

PDA Won’t Hurt Anybody

I know it. I recognize it. I’ve lost it. I live it. I give it. I see it every day! And for the month of February, my sisters and I are sharing posts and videos about it…..Love!!

Love and Natural Hair shares their take on being married and engaging in a little PDA.  I hope it adds more laughter to your day. Enjoy!

For Better or Worse #musiq #loverock

Love has a way of weaving itself into our lives.  Take our natural hair for instance.

On our rough hair days, Love holds us steady.  It looks us eye to eye in the mirror when we think about returning to the Perm and tells us that our choice to be natural is more than our curls and fros. More than protective styles and growth checks.

Love shouts, “Your natural manes have the power to influence major markets.”  It screams “Your naps and curls can embrace the Red Carpet.”  And Love whispers, “Help a sick sister, mourn for your industry leader, and support your black brothers.”

Maybe one day Love will summon us to help heal a nation.  It may ask us to consider the possibility of depositing our power into our dreams, into our communities and into those whom we love, for better or worse.

What does it mean to ‘go natural?’

Madame C.J. Walker made it easy for us to manage our hair. Well going natural is a far cry from easy, but we still manage to do it with confidence and style.

In a CNN interview, Keneesha Hudson, owner of Urbanbella salon in Atlanta, says that going natural is about being authentic and true to yourself. So on your natural hair journey, continue to be naturally you.

Sweet Freedom

There was a time in history when our path in life was chosen for us. A time when our freedom, our food, our clothes, and our families were dependent upon a master.

Natural Hair symbolizes freedom and creativity. Freedom that gives us creative control of our hair to pin it, curl it, press it, braid it, straighten it, grow it, cut it or sew it.

Mahogany Curls shares her natural hair journey. I hope that her video journal inspires and motivates you as it did with me. Here’s to a sweet journey.

No Matter What Type, Embrace Your Hair

The Natural Hair movement has put an end to the Jigaboo and Wannabee stereotypes.  You see, with our natural hair, we can wear protective styling, i.e., extensions, weave, braids. Or we can wear our curls, kinks and coils at our discretion.  This is our time, our hair, our way.  Embrace it.



MahoganyCurls, one of our favorite Natural Hair vloggers, breaks down our natural hair coding system and explains that “Good hair is healthy hair.”