Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and New Videos

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Why did Tiffany Boone choose to wear her natural hair on the new television series “The Chi?”

Who styled Angela Bassett’s hair for the Black Panther purple carpet?


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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

Trending News and Articles

Which products did celebrity stylist Vernon Francois use for Lupita Nyong’o’s tapered afro?

How does the young star of Blackish, Yara Shahidi feel about her curls?

Who is Issa Rae’s¬†hairstylist?

How did Simone Biles respond to her hair haters on Twitter?


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Natural Hair Week In Review

My transformation story has been 3 years in the making. ¬†I’m a runner. I won my first trophy at 8 years old. I ran Cross Country in high school and ran on my own in college. Right after college, I became a mom, three times over, back to back to back. ¬†Hence, the pic on the left. ¬†In 2013, my life flipped like a pancake. ¬†My husband and I¬†decided that we had given our marriage all that we had, but it was not working. So we separated. One morning, I was about to have my daily pity party but I made up in my mind that ‘If I have the time to lie around¬†thinking about what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, then I have the time to put my shoes on and start walking….the pic of the right.

So this is the new me! I dropped 70 pounds but I didn’t lose my love for food. ¬† I run three to four times a week in¬†training for my first marathon. ¬†My family is my heartbeat and my ultimate dream is to be a Fly Granny. Yes, grandmother! I have a while until that time, so until¬†my grandbabies get here I’ll be doing all that I can to make sure that their granny is healthy, fit and fabulous!



NaturallyCurly teamed up with BlackGirlsRun to help us reach our fitness goals.


“Cooking is about building flavor” is¬†sticky note worthy from Chef Danielle Saunders.


FusionofCultures applies a deep conditioner before giving her tresses a trim.


DiscoveringNatural demos big and small cornrows for kids.




In Other Words, You Can’t Cook

….That was the response from one of my students when I explained¬†to the class that learning¬†a foreign language is like cooking, you get better with practice.

However blunt my student may have been, she was right. ¬†I can¬īt cook. I enjoy it, I mess it up sometimes, I appreciate how it brings people together, but really, I can’t cook.

I’ve learned a lot¬†from my culinary flops…like you don’t have to add a whole lot of water to¬†a pot of¬†cabbage. Or, don’t add all of the cheese sauce at once to macaroni and cheese.

We all make mistakes. ¬†MyNaturalSistas shares some of the hiccups that¬†she’s made on her natural hair journey……using too much heat and skipping her¬†moisturizing routine.¬† She encourages us to share our own mistakes in order to help one another. ¬†Enjoy!

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way #theChicNatural

I have figured out that it doesn’t take a whole lot of planning to have a good time. ¬†A few years ago, I discovered from our Friday Night Family Fish Fries that if you mix food, music and family, you’ve got a party! ¬†What I didn’t know at the time is that teenagers are just as content with the same ingredients.

For Spring Break, I had a very detailed agenda planned for my kids¬†and their cousins who were visiting from Louisiana. ¬†They were scheduled to visit a¬†different place everyday. But they had¬†their own agenda…..¬†wrestling matches on the basement floor, ¬†bike rides to the basketball court, sitting around the kitchen table reminiscing, ¬†cousin sleepovers, climbing¬†Stone Mountain together, ¬†Xbox competitions, going to church. Their spontaneous, simple moments¬†did not need a plan.

The Chic Natural shares her easy wash day routine using Aussie Moist Shampoo, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and just a little bit of One n Only Argan Oil. Her method seems stress free and the end result is beautiful! Hope you enjoy and Happy Washing!