Lose the Granny’s: A Lesson From My Mother

She’s been married to my dad for 46 years so I trust my mom’s marital advice.  “Lose the Granny Pajamas,” she preaches to me and my sisters. After we laugh and joke about it, reality sets in…..kids, work, dinner, bills. Who has time for romance and lingerie? “Make time,” she says.

We have to be creative and flexible with our time. The routines of washing, detangling, styling, and watching youtube hair videos can easily suck the creative juices out of us, leaving us dry and ready to abandon our natural hair journey.

Likewise, everyday routines can turn us into tired souls with a lack of zest for romance. However, there are ways that we can creatively keep the sparks going or reignite the flames if needed.  A great starting point, like my mom says, is to get rid of the granny’s.



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