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Who gives life to Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) hair on How To Get Away With Murder?

Why is hair important to Shonda Rhimes?


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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and New Videos


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Who is lighting up the Golden Globe Nominations?

Why did Solange cancel her South Africa performance?


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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

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What is Ayesha Curry’s favorite curl product to use on Riley’s hair?

How did Beyonce’ rock her natural hair recently?

What inspired Serena to change her hair color?

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I needed a change

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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

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Which products did celebrity stylist Vernon Francois use for Lupita Nyong’o’s tapered afro?

How does the young star of Blackish, Yara Shahidi feel about her curls?

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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

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How does Meghan Markle’s mom wear her natural hair when she’s out and about in L.A?

Was Davina Bennett upset about not winning the Miss Universe title?

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Natural Hair Week Trending topics and Videos, I’m obsessed w/ Pumpkins

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Have you been trying to thicken your hair?

What happens when a stylist doesn’t know black hair?

When you’re tired of folks touching your hair, what do you do?


This is why I’m obsessed with pumpkins TwoLaLa


More about my obsession with pumpkins…

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Contemplating Part II


Ok everyone. Here are the results. I believe that it would have came out better, if I left it in longer. I put them in last night, and took them out this morning. I did not like the results at first. After a little tweaking, it became cute.

So…I sprayed my hair a little with one of my concoctions. I can’t tell you my secret. Lol. I finger parted medium size pieces, and put our Three Sisters & A Bobby Pins Moisturizer on it. Then, I  braided each section. Finally, I wrapped the braids on perm rods. I let my sister borrow my flexy rods. She hasn’t given them back yet. Hint..Hint.

So…My Natural Divas. This is how it came out. I may be able to go another month without chopping it off. My style of the month.




For days…I have been contemplating. Chop, or don’t chop. My hair has grown so much over the past year. I’m always seeing women, and their beautiful braid out styles. I think to myself, “That could be me.” The next day…”Time to chop it off.” The struggle is real.

This is my first time trying this style. I have seen it many times. We may have also posted it a few times. It was so simple. I don’t want to tell you how I did it yet, or what I used. Let’s see how it comes out first. Stay tuned.

New Natural Hair Video, Guest Blogger Janelle Watkins and Yoga Inspiration for Natural Hair Week In Review

Hurricane Harvey has left a trail of disaster in Texas, forcing people and pets to leave their homes. I’ve watched news coverage of the storm with a heavy heart for the flood victims and with gratefulness for the rescue teams.  Trained rescuers and volunteers are pulling together to help save lives. 

New Natural Hair Video

The ChicNatural shares her four step night time routine to help us grow healthy hair.

Guest Blogger

It goes without saying that this has been a difficult week to get through due to the recent overt racism we’ve witnessed in Charlottesville, VA. After reading and viewing all the scenes from the rally, I had to make a decision to either (A) get on social media and rant about my disgust; (B) allow the information from the news and social media paralyze my mind with fear; or (C) truly make a decision on what it is that I can do to make a positive impact and change in this world. As I began to pray about the division and racism in Charlottesville as well as in our nation, God impressed my heart with these words “Play Your Part.” We each have a role to play in this world; the question is what is that part?


Having said that, do you oftentimes have a sudden urge to become a powerful activist when political issues arise? Do you want to do something more than just exercising your right to vote? How about participating in a march to show the world that you will not idly stand by allowing injustice and immorality to perpetuate in our land.  Then immediately after having such grand ideas to fight for world peace, your thoughts of activism quickly diminishes due to realizing you currently have a full-plate of responsibilities; responsibilities that requires your full attention, if I may add. Subsequently, you revert back to your normal life of day-to-day responsibilities and your voice of activism is only heard in the social media realm. If you have ever felt this way before, you are not alone. In my mind, I’d like to get out in these streets and political arenas and use my voice like attorney/political commentator, Angela Rye.    However, like you there is the other side of reality….my life and my schedule. Therefore, my advocacy aspirations and placing my thumbprint on this world are left untouched.

Fist Pump

So how does one play their part in this world, if it is not by marching or becoming an activist? In my heart, I asked God this question and He immediately revealed to me the art of “playing your part.” The meaning of playing your part is not by simply getting involved in groups or starting great initiatives. (Please do not get me wrong here. For those of you that are starting political groups and initiatives, by all means, continue to do so. We need you to fight, stand and use your voices for what is right.) However, there are several of us that are not using the resources and gifts that we’ve been given to impact this world in a great way.

Playing your part is discovering that God-given purpose that He has placed in your heart and you having the guts, grit and faith to actually step out on it! No, it is not easy and everyone may not support it, but understand there is a two-fold impact that takes place when we do this. First, creating those things that are in your heart will bring you an indescribable fulfillment. Secondly, your purpose is designed to help and influence others in a great way. When God gives us ideas, passion and purpose, it is never for us solely. These ideas and purposes are given to empower others and it starts with you in your communities.

I thought about giving you a few bullet points on how to play your part in your communities, but instead, I’d like to highlight a few special people who are actually playing their parts. Check out the quick highlights below of people who have found their purposes and using what is in their hands to influence those in their communities:

  1. Nanya Joseph, Founder of Just B Girls – Just B Girls is an organization created to empower girls to embrace their femininity while training them to become young ladies who are confident and understand their worth.  Just B Girl uses the art of jewelry design as a means to cultivate values as well as entrepreneurship and leadership skills.  The organization holds firmly to the scripture Proverbs 31:10 “…for her price is far above rubies.” For more info go to
  2. LaShanda Pitts, Founder of Classy Living Society (CLS) – CLS is a member-based organization that is committed to sisterhood, volunteerism and servicing the community. The members of CLS are making a great impact in the world using their time, talents and compassion one community at a time.  Classy Living Society are also recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barak Obama. For more information on CLS go to
  3. Kristine Jones, Founder and Author of Priceless Jewels – Priceless Jewels is an organization designed to rebuild hope in the lives of victims of domestic violence, human sex trafficking  and prostitution. Priceless Jewels goals are to aid and help victims understand their true identities, heal and overcome their past. Kristine is currently organizing an A-21 Walk to raise awareness about human sex trafficking in Norcross, GA on October 14, 2017. For more information on Priceless Jewels, follow @thepricesslessjewels on Instagram.

These beautiful women are true, living examples of what it means to play your part. I have personally participated in and supported their organizations. I hope these ladies and their organizations encourages you to step out, share your gifts, time and talents to be a positive influence in this world.


As for me, you may be wondering what is my part. My husband and I have started a ministry hosting monthly bible study in our home. It is something that God placed in our hearts over 14 years ago, today we are stepping out and trusting God step by step with this ministry. By sharing God’s love and teaching His unadulterated Word, we aspire to empower, give hope and be a light in our community.

I hope this blog has impacted and encouraged you to play your part. Let me know what you are doing to play your part in your community. Share your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe!

Honestly Chic/jw

Yoga Inspiration

Grow in all the places you never thought you would, to prove to yourself that you can and to realize that all your limits were only fleeting thoughts that held on a little too tight.

New Logo, New Natural Hair Video, Guest Blogger Janelle Watkins and Yoga Inspiration for Natural Hair Week In Review

Summer vacation is over and we’re back to watching the latest natural hair videos and blogging! We’ve experienced some life changing experiences BUT we are still here…ready to share, ready to grow and ready to continue on our natural hair journey……

3 Sisters & A Bobby Pin Latarsha


Three Sisters at Margarita Night

New Natural Hair Video

NikScott explains her technique on how to create an elegant, jumbo side, two-strand flat twist.  She uses lavender water to help reduce frizz.


Guest Blogger


Recently a friend asked me to share my thoughts about the stigma and stereotypical thoughts that misinformed people may have about the natural hair community. She specifically asked if natural hair was just a trend or was it actually a movement. Initially, I became perturbed at the thought that someone would actually think that my going natural was just a craze or a trend.  The reason why is because most people do not understand or know the number of natural hair brands and products that I have tried. They have not been there on the many occasions that I was so frustrated with my hair that I wanted to give up, but called upon other women in the natural hair community for guidance, support and encouragement. And let’s not talk about the number of failed hairstyle attempts or how I had to learn how to combat dryness and figure out which products to use to achieve a bomb twist out or perm rod set.

So yes, I was slightly upset with the thought of someone belittling my journey as just a momentary trend. Despite my aggravation, I decided to share my heartfelt feelings about my adoration and love for the natural hair community. After all, how are others to know the meaningful impact this natural hair journey can have on a woman if no one shares. After considering my friend’s question, I realized that some people may be ignorant (meaning not having a knowledge of and no disrespect intended here) and that this was an opportunity to educate and share not to become angry and dismissive.

I cannot speak for all, but most of the women in the natural hair community that I have had the privilege of meeting have shared a myriad of reasons on why they wear their hair in its natural state. I will not attempt to share them all here, but I did inform my friend of my top (5) reasons women decide to rock their natural hair. Please see below:

Natural Hair Community - Pic 1

  • Hair Health – From heat damage to hair loss to scalp challenges, thousands of women have decided to embrace the holistic approach to care for their scalp and hair. With the help of fellow natural hair sisters coupled with professional guidance from hair stylists, dermatologists and trichologists, women are becoming more knowledgeable and responsible for their own hair health in order to restore and grow healthy hair.
  • Overall Physical Health – Once a Naturalista begins to research and read all about the harmful chemicals that should be avoided in hair products, she will subsequently begin to consider the state of her overall health. It is not uncommon for women that wear their hair naturally to become health conscious, adopt healthy eating habits and ensure that their household products are not made with harmful chemicals. In essence, being natural becomes a lifestyle.
  • Spiritual Journey – What I love most about being natural is the evolution and growth that takes place from within. Each woman has an individual journey of growth that creates a deepened level of self acceptance and self-love. For some, God has taken women on a path of emotional and holistic healing. For others,  insecurities are buried and a new-found sense of freedom and liberation are birthed. Personally, my natural hair journey has allowed me to be more audacious! I have been able to address my issues with perfectionism and define my own beauty instead of continuing to adapt to society’s form of beauty.
  • Community – Do you want to see sisterhood and camaraderie at its best? Attend some of these natural hair events and you will see love and support in action! Women all over are meeting and hosting various events to provide encouragement, empowerment and education in the natural hair community. This is the movement that empowers women to continue on in their natural hair journey and inspires others to transition or big chop their way into the natural hair community.
  • It’s OUR Right! – Lastly, it is our right to wear our hair in its natural state. When a woman wears her natural hair, she is not only making a statement, but she is proudly wearing the crown that was once denied of our ancestors. Historically, slaves were mistreated and demeaned for attempting to expose their natural hair. They were forced to wear headwraps because they were prohibited to display their natural hair. As of today there is still a fight for natural hair to be accepted, but as a community, women are standing strong and united in rocking their natural hair.

Natural Hair Community - Pic 2

So these are my top (5) reasons why natural hair queens are so passionate about natural hair.  I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

Honestly Chic/jw

Follow our guest blogger on Instagram @thejanellewatkins. Janelle is a speaker, event host, event planner, natural hair enthusiast and Curls Girl brand ambassador.  You can find her in the community conducting monthly one-on-one calls with young girls and women, providing support and natural hair care tips.  


Yoga Inspiration

Surround yourself  with those who CHALLENGE you, PUSH you, MOTIVATE you and EMPOWER you!-Nikky Green,


Yoga Instructor, Nikky Green