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Ice Cube’s call to Black Men

Terry Crews responds to comments surrounding his statement on ‘Black Supremacy’

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I Am Lewa shares her Cowash routine

MelissaQ does a diy hair spritz..moisturizing your hair is like watering a plant

Positives vibes workout with Kukuwa Fitness

Fried Chicken And Hair Food

Food has a way of bringing out the best in us.

When I plopped down at my mama’s kitchen table after a long day at work, I wasn’t planning to have a sob session. It took just a few sips of her homemade chicken soup to make me spill out everything that I had on my mind.

I left her house a little later feeling somewhat relieved. When I returned from getting my car out of the shop and picking up the kids from school, Mama was in the same place .

The smell of her fried chicken drew me and the kids pass my Dad lying down on the sofa and into the kitchen.

I leaned against the microwave as I watched her drop battered chicken legs down into the new iron cast skillet that she got for Christmas.  She was appreciative that her grand babies were saving her the trouble of throwing out leftover neckbones and sweet potatoes. The food was healing and all was at peace.

Food can bring out the best in our hair, too.

Melissa Denise shares her first experience of putting food in her hair. She shows us how to mix and apply organic mayo, eggs, olive oil and avocado as a hair mask to strengthen, condition and grow our hair.   I hope this helps and Happy Feeding!

DIY Inspiration #elleetecreations

Yesterday I met a lady on Marta and we had a wonderful conversation. From the train station to my bus stop, we shared our natural hair stories and our fav products. Before I wrote the ingredients to her diy styling cream in my journal, she said something that made a lot of sense. “If your hair is natural, why not use natural products?” I am inspired! Kudos to elletecreations and all of the DIY creators. Happy mixing!