Hair Freedom from Egypt to D.C.

IMG_20160403_181240.jpgI’m a little embarrassed yet excited to say…..there is so much history to exoerience in D.C.! Embarrassed because it was my first time visiting D.C. in my 40 plus years and excited because my heart pounds at the thought of sharing my travel discoveries with the students and patients whom I teach and serve.

It’s one thing to learn history through books and images but to actually stand at the burial site of former slaves and to stand near the same tree where students read the newly signed Emancipation Proclamation hundreds of years ago…….it’s amazing!

I was just as excited when I discovered the masterful”Hair” story created by  Chime (Hair Crush).  In her video, she chronicles the history of black hair from the elaborate hairstyles of ancient Egypt to today’s similar natural styles. I hope you take away much joy and knowledge from her video!

Love Can Polish Our Mess

God’s love for us never changes.   Lauren Daigle’s song reminds me that He loves us even when we’re a hot mess.  He polishes our wounds, healing us from the inside out.

Naptural85 shows us how to polish up messy, old hair to create a refreshed style.  I hope her video keeps you inspired on your journey.  Happy Polishing!


He Is In For The Journey, Too

Another story of Love and natural hair unfolds.  Antonio says that he has become part of his wife’s journey to natural hair.  He has been with her through years of wearing weave, through her big chop and now for her healthy, natural state.  Returning to relaxed hair would be upsetting for him….Love manifested!

The background music is fun and Antonio’s honesty about his wife’s former weave days is applaudable.  He gets kudos for knowing the names of her hairstyles. Enjoy!

He Passed The Test

Love is patient, love is kind.  I heard the words in church many times before but being in love, being a wife, a mom, sister and friend gave me understanding of the meaning and purpose of the verses.  It’s contagious! When you have love and you know love, you pass it on in it’s perfection….love never fails and never ends.

I am so excited to share NaturalMe4C’s love and natural hair video…..the husband passes the test!  His beautiful wife asks him some tough questions and he aces them all. He did not fail!  I smiled during the entire video and I hope that your cheeks hurt from smiling like mine did. Enjoy!

Hope for the Journey #jahnie

Hope never gets old…that thought came to me in the kitchen while I was experimenting with frying chicken wings in coconut oil for dinner. J. Ahnie conveys hope in her 2 year journey video. She tells her story of patience and determination to thicker, natural hair. I am completely happy with my short hair, and it’s partly because, thanks to our vloggers, I will know how to grow it longer when I decide. Enjoy and Happy Growing!

DIY Inspiration #elleetecreations

Yesterday I met a lady on Marta and we had a wonderful conversation. From the train station to my bus stop, we shared our natural hair stories and our fav products. Before I wrote the ingredients to her diy styling cream in my journal, she said something that made a lot of sense. “If your hair is natural, why not use natural products?” I am inspired! Kudos to elletecreations and all of the DIY creators. Happy mixing!

No Matter What Type, Embrace Your Hair

The Natural Hair movement has put an end to the Jigaboo and Wannabee stereotypes.  You see, with our natural hair, we can wear protective styling, i.e., extensions, weave, braids. Or we can wear our curls, kinks and coils at our discretion.  This is our time, our hair, our way.  Embrace it.



MahoganyCurls, one of our favorite Natural Hair vloggers, breaks down our natural hair coding system and explains that “Good hair is healthy hair.”