Afroinspired Translation

I posted up near the doorway, waiting to greet students as they entered the Biology classroom. I was thrilled to see the hallway pollinated with teachers and students wearing their Curly Fros, Big Fros and Pinned-Up styles.

I got so excited that I couldn’t pass up the chance to take a picture of Ms. Robbins’ frovalicious style.


Look at her smile!

Ms. Robbins inspired me that day to be more creative in my teaching.

I’d hope to spruce up the mundane assignment of copying and answering questions about the Water Cycle, so I took the terms evaporation, condensation and precipitation, and translated them into matters of community service, compassion and the need to appreciate diversity.

I think the students enjoyed learning about photosynthesis just as much as I enjoyed teaching it. We had an awesome Afroinspired learning experience!




Three Hairstyles for the Workplace #repost

Hallease will add a wisp of joy to your journey with her spirited video on how to create three hairstyles suitable for the workplace. Enjoy and Happy Styling!

We watched Hallease and posted originally back in July…..experimented on Saturday……

Her video tutorial gave me a few ideals on how to create a professional look whether I am teaching or working at the hospital so I put the bobby pins to work before heading off to work. This style was pretty easy, with the help of the bobby pins, and it endured two 12 hour shifts! Thanks Hallease!


Clap It Up For Our Quarterback Queens

I watched an amazing football game last night that I’m sure will be featured as a classic. Denver scored in the final seconds of the fourth quarter sending the game into overtime. The exciting part was watching Russell Wilson on the sideline pacing and clapping as Denver scored the extra two points. The poised and focused look on his face shouted “It’s still game time baby. Let’s roll!”

Our natural hair movement is just as exciting as last night’s football game. We have created our own styles, our own DIY products, our own routines and the best part is that we’re not done yet! We have the best vloggers who pass on their expertise to keep our momentum going. They are our “Quarterback Queens” and we love them for who they are and what they do. Thank you vloggers and Happy Vlogging!

Sweet Freedom

There was a time in history when our path in life was chosen for us. A time when our freedom, our food, our clothes, and our families were dependent upon a master.

Natural Hair symbolizes freedom and creativity. Freedom that gives us creative control of our hair to pin it, curl it, press it, braid it, straighten it, grow it, cut it or sew it.

Mahogany Curls shares her natural hair journey. I hope that her video journal inspires and motivates you as it did with me. Here’s to a sweet journey.